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Delhi Cricket Stadium

Delhi, the national capital of India also encourages sports and other related activities. The famous cricket stadium in Delhi is Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. It is located at the Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg in New Delhi. The Delhi cricket stadium is owned by the Delhi District Cricket Association. The first cricket test series was played in this stadium in the year 1948. The match was between West Indies and India. On the other hand the first one day match that was played was between Sri Lanka and India, in 1982.

Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium Facts

The stadium got its name from the historical emperor Feroz Shah Tughlaq. He used to rule the city from 1351 to 1388. The stadium was constructed in the year 1883.   

Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium Events

The stadium over the years had witnessed some of the record-breaking and memorable events. One of the memorable incidents was when Ghulam Ahmed and Hemu Anand from the Indian team created the record for the 10th wicket. The partnerships of runs were 109 and the match was played against Pakistan. The stadium also witnessed yet another match between the Indian team against Pakistan, where the ace cricketer Anil Kumble took 10 wickets on his own.

Ferozshah Kotla Stadium had witnessed several other phenomenal incidents and events like these.

Delhi Cricket Stadium Ground

Feroz Shah Kotla stadium in New Delhi is the popular one in India. The ground had witnessed several ODI’s and test matches. It has recorded some of the great victories too. Sometimes owing to the field conditions the few matches had to be called off. One of the prominent ones was the match on 27th December 2009. The match was between Sri Lanka and India.

According to the report given by the match referee, the stadium is scheduled to host four matches for the World Cup in 2011. The stadium has been rated as one of the best crocket venues, especially for the match to be held in 2011.

Cricket Stadium Statistics

Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium being the eminent stadium has some of the cricket highlights that all crocket lovers would know. Some of the important statistics are given below:-

Cricket Stadium Ground Statistics

Most successful teams – The team that has had the greatest victory here is India with 10 wins.

Lowest Innings Score – This was recorded in the match between India and West Indies. The match was held on November 25th, 1987. The score was 75 and all out by West Indies.

Highest Innings Score - This too was a match between West Indies and India. The match was held on February 6th, 1959. The score was 644/8 by the West Indies team.

Greatest Batsman – The most prolific batsman that the ground had witnessed was Dilip Vengsarkar with 671 runs.

Greatest Bowler – The greatest bowler that the ground has witnessed was Anil Kumble with 58 wickets taken here.

If you are a sports lover then these are some of the points regarding the Delhi Cricket stadium that you will find handy.