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Hockey in Delhi

The advent of the common wealth games made a lot of games upsurge in the forefront. Delhi the capital city on India had been an avid supporter of cricket and sports. With the coming of age so many games like billiards and snooker have become famous in Delhi. People in Delhi appreciate sports and are willing to encourage every bit of it. Hockey has been prevalent in India since quiet sometime now. Hockey is also common in Delhi. Similar to other sports stadiums and grounds that are there for other sports, Delhi has a hockey stadium too. Let us browse through a brief overview about it.

Dhayan Chand National Stadium

The Dhyan Chand National Stadium is known as a field hockey stadium located in New Delhi. Initially it held approximately 25,000 people. The named of the stadium is taken from Dhyan Chand, who had been a former field hockey player. The 1st Asian Games in 1951 was played here.

History of Delhi Hockey Stadium

The stadium was set up in the year 1933. It was initially set up as a multipurpose stadium and was named as Irwin Amphitheatre. The stadium was designed by a man named Anthony S. DeMillo.  The stadium got renamed again as the National Stadium prior to the 1951 Asian Games. The recent name, which is Dhyan Chand National Stadium, was incorporated in the year 2002.

Delhi Hockey Stadium Features

The hockey stadium is built with some of the innovative technologies and technical know how. Some of the features of Dhyan Chand National Stadium are listed below :-

  • The stadium occupies an area on 17, 500 square meters. It has a total of 37-acre complex. There are three synthetic pitches. Two of them are made as per the international standards, whilst the other one is kept for practice.
  • There is a new polygrass turf that has been laid on the pitches. These pitches are in turn equipped with brand new sprinkler systems. The main field can accommodate upto 16,200 spectators.
  • There is also the second pitch that is outside the main arena. This field has approximately 900 permanent seats. It also provides about 1,600 temporary seats. Both the pitches are flood- lit and has got foldable light towers. This also helps in transmission for high definition television.

Hockey Stadium Sound System

The Dhyan Chand National Stadium in Delhi has been created with a lot of technological know how. It has got a state-of-the art sound system. All the needed acoustic effects are present. There are also two score boards that are placed on the left and right flanks. Both the pitches are equipped with such state-of-the-art facilities.

Hockey Stadium Facilities

The stadium also provides for other sorts of provisions for the players. These are in the form of changing rooms, spacious VVIP lounge and also other relaxation lounges. The entire stadium has a central air-condition system that is fitted with lifts. There are also provisions that are made for the physically challenged spectators.

Dhyan Chand National Stadium in Delhi is a famous name for hockey lovers. There are constant renovations being made to make the stadium better with each passing day.