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Air India

Air India is another airline which is state owned airlines along with India Airlines. It is India’s oldest and largest airlines which operates flights to various domestic and international destinations. It is the 16th largest airline in Asia, which offers different facilities to its fliers. Not only from Delhi, but Air India operates flights from various other destinations also. A brief overview regarding the airlines is given below.

History of Air India

Air India was founded by J.R.D.Tata, in 1932 and it was known as Tata Airlines. During the time of its inception, it was a single engine flight, which operated at fixed destination and it was used for the purpose of carrying air mails. But with due course of time, it expanded its flight route and now it operates to different other locations, which includes both domestic and international locations. It was around the end of 1953, this airline started to ferry passengers to different destinations.

About Air India

The corporate office of Air India is located at Mumbai in the Air India Building, in South Mumbai. Two of its major domestic hubs are located at Mumbai and Delhi and the international hub is located at Frankfurt. London on the other hand is one of the main cities and hub of Air India. Air India partly belongs to Indian government and it is owned by National Aviation Company of India Limited (NACIL).

Until May 2007, Air India’s symbol was painted in red and white, at the tail of the aircraft. It was in May 22, 2007, the new logo was introduced, which is a flying swan, along with the Konark Chakra which is placed inside. The flying swan was changed from the characteristic logo of Air India and the Konark Chakra on the other hand is Indian’s logo. Both the logos have been merged to create the new one.

Main Aim of Air India

Air India aims at providing maximum comfort to its fliers. In fact this is one of the carriers which were introduced keeping in mind about the economy fliers. Before the advent of Air India, flying was considered to be a luxurious affair. But after the advent of Air India, notion of flying started to change and slowly people from middle class families also opted traveling by plane. It also provides maximum comfort to its fliers along with lower prices and proper on flight facilities.

Arrival and Departure of flights from Delhi

There are number of Air India flights which operate from Delhi, which includes both domestic and international flights. There are various other places also from where you can avail Air India flights. There are 11 domestic and 18 international destinations which are served by Air India flights. It also flies to East Asia, North America, and Europe etc.

Booking Tickets

You can book your tickets inn any flight of Air India online. This facility was recently introduced for the convenience of the passengers. If you wish, you can also book your tickets with the help of travel agent or by dropping in at the city office of the airlines.