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Air Sahara

Air Sahara is one of the other airlines which have its base at Delhi or New Delhi. Among various private owned airlines this is also pretty famous among travelers. It operates various flights to various regions along with helicopter services. The helicopter services are available as charter flights and for aerial photography or for using it in shooting purposes.

About Air Sahara

The airline operates flights from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi to various destinations. Apart from Delhi there are many other places from where you can avail Air Sahara flights. Mentioned below are names of few such airports from where Air Sahara flights operate:

  • Begumpet Airport
  • Chennai International Airport
  • NSC Bose International Airport

It covers more than 26 domestic destinations apart from its charter helicopter services. In recent time, Air Sahara has been taken over by Jet Airways which has been renamed again.

History of Air Sahara

Air Sahara belonged to Sahara Pariwar and has been operating flights since 1993. At the time of its inception, it was known as Sahara Airlines but later on it was renamed as Air Sahara. The change in name of the carrier has been done in order to change the marketing strategy and it first launched its international flight from Chennai to Colombo in 2004.

Facilities Offered by Air Sahara

Low cost carriers offer various facilities to its fliers. In fact Air Sahara offers some of the best facilities to their fliers as compared to other low cost carriers. Some of the facilities are mentioned below:

  • Complimentary Food
  • Comfortable Seats
  • Entertainment Facility
  • Magazines

Booking Tickets in Air Sahara

You can book your tickets online, or you can also book your ticket with the help of travel agent. If you want you can book your ticket by dropping in at the city office of the airlines. Booking ticket online is the easiest as you can do it with the click of your mouse. Not only ticket prices of low cost carriers are less as compared to other airlines, you can also avail discounts on special occasions. It is better to book your tickets well in advance in low cost carriers as there is always rush in these airlines. Of tickets can also be done online, but at times refund is not available. So you need to check before you book tour tickets. Theses low cost carriers are preferred by middle income group people as fares are less and journey is comfortable.