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Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is one of the oldest airlines of Asia. Functioning from Hong Kong, this airline has promised to make your journey smooth and comfortable one. The airline has made its mark with several well deserved accolades. It was established with an aim of facilitating people with great travel option from Hong Kong.

All about Cathay Pacific:

Cathay Pacific came into being on September 24th, 1946. It was founded by Sydney de Kantzow and Roy Farrell. The name of Cathay came up from the ancient name of China, Khitan. The airlines serve more than 115 destinations.

Oneworld alliance has been founded by Cathay Pacific. This Hong Kong airline got Five Star Airline Ranking along with 2009 Airline by Skytrax.

Subsidiaries of Cathay Pacific:

Cathay Pacific has two major subsidiaries. These include, Dragonair and Air Hong Kong. These subsidiaries facilitated the people, who got more options in terms of flights and services.

Facts about Cathay Pacific:

Cathay Pacific carries the Hong Kong flag with all responsibility. It has maintained its quality of service and facilities, since its inception. The airline takes the credit of making the first ever non- stop transpolar flight, which went over the North Pole. It also arranged for the maiden flight to reach the Hong Kong International Airport.

Cathay Pacific celebrated its 60th anniversary in the year 2006. The airline celebrated its 60th birth anniversary with a grand road show which showcased its significant developments.

CathayPacific Attractions:

Cathay Pacific is here to thrill you with several special attractions. You can find great seating arrangements which differ as per the different classes. The meals served at the Cathay Pacific are delicious. They have special entertainment arrangements, which can add to your thrill of traveling through this splendid airline. There are medical arrangements in the airline for people who might need sudden medical care.

Cathay Pacific Class:

The airline has three main class travels. Cathay Pacific has the Business Class, First Class and the Economic Class. The interior designs of the Cathay Pacific flights have been upgraded again and again. With every upgradation, the cabins have got better and better.

The cabins are differentiated as per their make and the facilities which come attached to it.

Cathay Pacific in Delhi:

Delhi has Cathay Pacific flights for people who want to travel to Hong Kong and other areas. Delhi has a Cathay Pacific office. The Cathay Pacific office assists travelers with tickets, flight timings, availability of flights on particular days and dates and so on.

Special Cathay Pacific flights from and to Delhi:

Cathay Pacific has launched special flights from Delhi to Bangkok. You can now avail such special flights, which have been launched with an aim to encourage tourism within Thailand and near by areas.

Cathay Pacific has everything to be called a luxury airline. So, why not experience the best of hospitality with excellent services at the Cathay Pacific.