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Delhi Metro Fares

Delhi Metro is an integral part of the Delhi transportation network. Traversing through different regions in the city, it is a boon for the city commuters. The commuters mainly comprise the students and daily office goers. This is perhaps the fastest and the easiest way to reach your destination. The fact that the Delhi metro fares are reasonable has made this mode of transport even more popular.

The Delhi metro network caters to the needs of the people traveling between NCR or the National Capital Region and other parts of Delhi.

Delhi metro fares depend on the distance traversed

The amount you shell out as ticket fare depends mainly on the distance you travel between the metro stations. There are as many as 107 metro stations. And out of them, 17 are underground.

Trains start plying at 6.00AM in the morning until 11.00PM at night. The minimum Delhi metro fare is rupee 8 and the maximum is rupee 30.

Delhi Metro fare and ticketing procedure

The automatic ticketing procedure is a convenient method of buying your tickets from the ticket counter. An Automatic Fare Collection system has been introduced at every metro station in Delhi.

The ticket is available in the form of a token or a card. You purchase the same from a ticket counter. From herein you move ahead to one of the gates. You will be required to hold your ticket close to a machine on the right side of the gate. The gates give way if your ticket is valid. If not you will be required to contact the Customer Service cell.

There are several routes. And these Delhi metro routes were constructed in different phases. The construction work of the metro rail was not undertaken all at once. It was done in phases.

Given below are Delhi metro fares between Qutub Minar and HUDA city center.

  • The Delhi metro fare between Qutub Minar and MG Road is Rupees 16
  • Fare between Sultanpur and Arjan Garh is Rupees 12
  • Metro fare between IFFCO Chowk and Gurudronacharya is Rupees 10
  • The Delhi metro fare between Sikandarpur and MG Road is Rupees 8 etc

As far as ticketing options are concerned, you have the following options to choose from. They are as follows –

Tourist Card

If you travel a lot over short periods, tourist card is perhaps the best option for you. You can opt for a 3-day card or a 1-day card. The cost of the 1-day card is Rupees 100 and that of 3-day card is Rupees 250.

Travel card

This is the best option if you are a frequent t traveler. These cards are available in Rupees 50 denominations. These “stored value cards” can be recharged to a maximum of Rupees 800. And the multiples in which you can recharge these cards are Rupees 50. The validity of the travel cards is 12 months. You can even check the balance you have on your card at all the metro stations in the city.


Delhi metro fares can also be paid in form of tokens. These are bought at the metro station ticket outlets. It is a “single journey ticket”. As mentioned above, the minimum fare is Rupees 8 and the maximum is Rupees 30.