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Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro came as a boon to millions of people in Delhi. Delhites were in real need of a good transport system. Their wish came true, when Delhi Metro was launched. Delhi Metro is very aptly called, “the lifeline of Delhi”. It connects the major areas of Delhi.

Delhi Metro changed the picture of New Delhi. It was a new advancement in the history of Delhi. The transport system of Delhi got a boost. With the advent of Delhi Metro, several commuting problems came to an end.

Advantages of Delhi Metro:

Delhi Metro has added an extra charm to the historical city of Delhi. You can now commute with ease from one place to other. Delhi has got a great gift in form of the Metro Railway system. It does not take much time to go from one place to another. The ever increasing pollution problem too has been reduced to a greater extent, with the advent of Delhi Metro. You can now avoid the road traffic and reach your desired destination on time.

About Delhi Metro:

Delhi Metro has added a new direction to the transport system. Delhi Metro has hi-tech cabins which are airy and comfortable. These have well automated gates. There are emergency gates, which can be used in case of emergency. The security of the Delhi Metro stations is being revived, in order to avoid any security breaches. You can even communicate to the driver of the railway directly, if there is any emergency case.

Delhi Metro Maps:

Delhi Metro has included many of the major areas as stations. To get the exact information about these stations, the trains and their timings, you need a Delhi Metro Map. The maps give you all the necessary details about the places which are covered by Metro rail. They also tell you about the arrival and the departure timings of the Metro trains. You get to know about the routes and the trains which cover them.

Advent of Delhi Metro:

Delhi Metro came up as a project. Its sole aim was to connect Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. The project was handled successfully by Elattuvalapil Sreedharan, who gifted the first Metro to Delhi.

Delhi Metro has 17 underground stations and a total of 107 stations. As per the recent data, more than 100 Hi speed trains are operated by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited. The DMRC was formed in collaborations with the Government of Delhi and the Government of India in the year 1984.

Extensions of Delhi Metro:

Delhi Metro has already acquired its acclaim. It further intends to get more of such acclaims as it is planning to include more of Delhi in its routes. There is Phase III and Phase IV of the plan of Delhi Metro extension which is already functional. Areas of Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Sonia Vihar, Gurgaon etc will be having this boon of Delhi Metro too.

Delhi Metro has facilitated travels within the city. These trains are lot safer and are faster too. These means of transport are lot better compared to the road transport system. The trains are scheduled at a time gap of 3 to 4 mins. The frequencies of these Metro trains are an added advantage to the commuters.

So, enjoy this member of the Delhi family and travel in and around Delhi on time.