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Emirates are a major airline of Middle East. Emirates are a national airline of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This airline connects most of the major airports through out the world. Delhi, the Indian Capital city is also connected by Emirates with distinctive flights.

All about Emirates:

Emirates belong to the Emirate Group. This is the largest airline which operates from the Middle East. Emirates were brought up in the year, 1985. There was a major contribution of the Dubai Royal Family in bringing up this major airline.

Emirates had Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum as its head. Since its inception, Emirates has moved on to add several credits to its services. It is a World famous airline which has improved with time.

With the great expansion of this airline, all functions had to be shifted to the Terminal 3 from the Dubai International Airport. This terminal, solely concentrated on Emirate flights, making it easier for them to function.

The Slogan, “Fly Emirates. Keep Discovering” and “Fly Emirates. To over Six Continents”, tells a lot about the motto of these airlines. The airlines cover six continents and more of the World with their large number of flights.

Main Subsidiaries of Emirates:

With the rapid expansion of Emirates, came the special flights. Emirates added several subsidiaries, such as Emirates tours, Congress Solutions International, Marhaba Airport Services, Arabian Adventures, and Emirates Flight Catering. These further assist the people to travel through the Emirate Airlines. Some of these also strive hard to make the passengers have a comfortable journey.

Emirates Experience:

Flying in Emirates will only gift you a great experience. This airline makes you feel at home. The kids can travel without any extra charge. The airline strives to make your journey a comfortable one. It has great staffs to help you during your journey through this flight.

Emirates features:

The airline has three types of cabins. These include Economy Class, Business Class and the First Class All these cabins are comfortable and come with great facilities. The cabins have new versions of ice digital widescreen. Emirates also have great entertainment facilities for its guests. There are TV’s which show movies, songs and so on to keep the guests engaged.

Dining at Emirates:

Dining at Emirates gives you real pleasure. It feels like you are being pampered at some posh restaurant. Emirates offer mouthwatering food with vintage wine. You are also pampered with some yummy pastries at times. With such lovely dining experience, you would love to travel by the Emirates.

Emirates for Delhi:

Emirates have several flights which fly from Delhi and to Delhi. These flights are usually the most preferred ones, if traveling to UAE. There is an office of the Emirates Airlines in Delhi, which offer information about the various flights and their timings. You can also book your Emirates tickets from the office in Delhi. For instant tickets, you can visit the Emirates website.

Emirates gifts you all the reasons to have a great travel experience. Travel through Emirates and enjoy being pampered and taken care.