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Jet Airways

Jet Airways is an important name in the Indian Aviation today. Though based in Mumbai it has it presence in Delhi too. It is known to be the second largest name in airline after Air India. The airline is also known to be the leader in the domestic flights section. There are about a total of 400 Jet flights that operate on a daily basis. They all go to 67 different destinations globally. The major domestic hubs are Delhi and Mumbai. The international hubs are mainly at Airport, Brussels and Belgium.

The owner of Jet Airways is Naresh Goyal who is a billionaire based in London.

Jet Airways Head Office

The Jet Airways head office is in Andheri. All other marketing and finance activities takes place on in another place in Mumbai named Lito Lier.

Jet Airways Subsidiaries

Over the years, Jet Airways has developed into a successful airline brand. It has few subsidiaries under it. You have then in Delhi as well. Let us have a look at the few subsidiaries that it has under it.


Jetlite was set up as Sahara Airlines in the year 1991 on September 20th. It however started its operations in the year 1993 on December 3rd. There was two Boeing 737-200 aircraft with it. In the initial years it only served the northern sections of the country. Delhi was its prime focus. Gradually the service was extended to other parts of the country

Sahara Airlines was renamed as Air Sahara 2nd October 2000. It was in 12th April 2007 that Jet Airways took control over Air Sahara. Thus post this the name Jetlite came into function. The aircraft runs a fleet of mixed owned- leased Bombardier CRJ-200ER and Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft

Jet Konnect

Another subsidiary of Jet airways is the Jet Connect. This is a low cost based airways and was launched on 8th May 2009. This shares the same call sign and airlines code as Jet Airways. This too operates a mixed fleer of Boeing 737-800s
and ATR 72-500s.

Jet Airways Facts

  • Jet Airways is one of the most well known and leading airlines in India. It has got a strong presence in Delhi.
  • The airlines cater to almost 20 international destinations as of now. This is one of the popular choices in Indian Airlines.
  • The Airlines is known for its excellent quality services and customer relations.
  • It is also popular for its in-flight services and
  • entertainment amenities.


Jet Airways Delhi Flights

Let us have a look at the destinations that the Jet Airways flights in Delhi cater to. The names are listed below:-

  • Kolkata          
  • Lucknow
  • Bhubaneshwar
  • Ahmedabad
  • Bangalore
  • Pune  
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai        
  • Goa
  • Chennai         
  • Jaipur

Whether it is for leisure, business or casual travel purpose Jet Airways is preferred by most of the Indian audience.