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Kingfisher Airlines

All of us have heard about the famous Kingfisher Airlines. It was under Dr. Vijay Mallaya that Kingfisher Airlines took birth. It has Mumbai as its main office. Kingfisher Airlines was established in the year 2005.

This airline has made a name of its own. To have an airline like Kingfisher is a pride indeed. Kingfisher Airlines have gained world acclaim due to its excellent services. Kingfisher Airlines is also known for its style. Flying through a Kingfisher Airline is a pleasure, which one just can’t forget.

All about Kingfisher Airlines:

Kingfisher Airlines came under the keen guidance of Dr. Vijay Mallaya. The logo of this Airline is its identity. A beautiful and colorful Kingfisher bird stands proudly as its identity.

Kingfisher Airlines is a luxury airline which has maintained its standards since its inception. This luxury airline flies to 70 destinations.

The tagline of Kingfisher Airlines says “Fly the Good Times”. Flying in a Kingfisher Airline certainly means flying the good times. This is the only Indian airline, which has received a five star rating from the Skytrax.

Major attractions of Kingfisher Airlines:

This luxury airline of India is one of the best airlines of India. It offers great services and has a hospitable staff. Kingfisher mainly focuses on customer satisfaction. It believes on being the best in the industry. Thus its services and facilities follow a certain unique style. Kingfisher Airlines have gained their good reputation due to this unique presentation style of theirs.

The airlines have special entertainment equipments and luxury components. The ‘in house’ airline entertainment and the special meals too form a major attraction of Kingfisher Airlines.

Apart from these, the airlines also offer great discount prices and packages. These give a relief to the travelers from exorbitant prices.

Kingfisher Airlines arriving and departing Delhi:

Delhi, being the metropolitan city as well as the capital city of India, has several Kingfisher flights flying in. Delhi has Kingfisher flights flying in from several important destinations from India as well as from abroad.

Kingfisher Flights to Delhi from major destinations in India:

There are several flights which connect Delhi with other cities. Kingfisher has flights flying in from Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai, and so on. Kingfisher Airlines also connects Delhi from other cities like Amritsar, Mangalore, and Jodhpur and so on. The airline has a great connectivity with the major Indian airports. These also connect the other Indian airports of other Indian cities.

Kingfisher Flights to Delhi from major destinations around the World:

Delhi, being the most important Indian city, is well connected by the Kingfisher Airlines with the outside World. The airline connects major countries like UK, USA, Thailand, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and so on. There are several Kingfisher flights which are scheduled to leave the Delhi International Airport and arrive at the same.

Kingfisher Airlines connects Delhi with most of the major cities and some minor cities of India. The airlines also have several International flights which connect the major countries.

Getting a Kingfisher Air Ticket:

Booking a Kingfisher Airline ticket to or from Delhi isn’t very difficult. They have ticketing counters at Delhi airports and other airports too. You can also book your Kingfisher Airline ticket from the Kingfisher website, using a credit card.

If you still haven’t had the Kingfisher Airlines experience, you got to book your tickets soon to do it. So, are you still waiting to do it?