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Role of Delhi Metro in Commonwealth Games 2010

Delhi, the capital city of India is hosting the Commonwealth Games 2010 starting October 2010. The entire city is undergoing modification. This modification is taking place in different areas. Starting from hospitality industry to infrastructure, every nook and corner of the city is getting revamped. In this regard, the role of Delhi Metro in Commonwealth Games 2010 can’t be undermined. In fact it has become the lifeline of the common people of the city.


A brief overview of the Commonwealth Games 2010

The Commonwealth Games will test competitors in as many as 17 sporting events. Players from different countries will be participating in these games. The sporting events will be held at different sporting venues. There are competition and non-competition venues. The competition venues are the ones where the games will be held. And the non competition venues are the ones where the players will put up and comprises hotels authorized for accommodating guests etc.


Irrespective of whether it is a non-competition venue or a non-competition venue, the transportation network in the city is all set to carry guests and visitors from one part of the city to another without hassle.


The outlets from where the tickets will be sold have already been decided and many tickets have already been sold. In fact reports suggest that the sale of tickets for few of the events sold like hot cakes.


The role of Delhi Metro in Commonwealth Games 2010 is quite interesting. It has been announced that an individual holding a ticket of an event on a particular day is entitled to travel free of cost on the Delhi Metro to and from the venue. For instance, if you have a ticket for an event on 7th October, you can travel free of charge by Delhi Metro and the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) to and from the venue.


Role of Delhi Metro in Commonwealth Games 2010 – Benefits

Given the fact that during the Commonwealth Games 2010, visitors will be flocking to the city from all over the world and also from within the country, the chances of traffic congestion are increased manifold. In order to do away with the traffic irregularities that may take place in the city, the Delhi Metro can act as an important mode of transport.


In addition to streamlining the traffic of the capital city, it ensures that the level of pollution is reduced to a great extent. Moreover, Delhi Metro is safe for traveling across the city. And every possible measure is adopted by the transport authorities of Delhi that the journey of a visitor is comfortable. The metro train is equipped with modern state-of-art technology.


Another important aspect of Delhi Metro rail is that at every station you wish to board the train from to reach the venue, there is sufficient parking space. So, you can park your car at the metro station and board a train to reach the venue where your favorite sporting event of 2010 Commonwealth Games is taking place.


It can be concluded that Delhi Metro is playing a vital role in 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games. All you need to do is check out the metro train timings leaving and arriving at the metro stations.