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Trains in Delhi

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Delhi, being the capital city of India, is well connected by trains. The trains in Delhi connect major part of India. There are several important trains which connects the major metropolitan cities of India.

The trains in Delhi are a really boon, as they connect all the major destinations of India. People from far and wide come to this city for work, amusement, business, tour and so on.

Advantages of having Trains in Delhi:

Trains in Delhi connect this capital city to the rest of India. You can travel to Delhi, from any corner of India. Trains in Delhi form a network to touch almost every State and their cities.

The several trains which connects various Indian cities to Delhi, acts as an advantage for people who come to Delhi. These people come to Delhi searching for jobs, for business purposes, or for entertainment. Delhi being the most important city of India is certainly approached by almost every Indian, for some reason or other. Whatever the reason may be, the trains in Delhi bring everyone to this city of hearts.

Major Stations of Delhi:

Delhi has several stations which are present near major areas. These stations are easily accessible and are present near the tourist attractions of Delhi. There are four prominent stations which are connected by most of the trains in Delhi.

Hazrat Nizamuddin is a major station of Delhi, where some of the major trains arrive and depart. Delhi Junction, which is also known as Purani Dilli or Old Delhi, is a prominent station which gets many of the famous trains. The station which lies at Central Delhi is another major railway station of Delhi. This station is also known as the New Delhi railway station. Towards the east of Delhi, lies the Anand Vihar railway station.

With these four major railway stations, Delhi has facilitated journeys through trains. Trains in Delhi are connected to these stations, which can be easily accessed by travelers.

Metro trains in Delhi:

Delhi has an efficient Metro railway system. The Metro Railways came in as a blessing to Delhi, when it was most needed. Metro trains in Delhi connect most of Delhi. These trains have solved the problem of commuting from one part of Delhi to another. These fast paced trains in Delhi are proving to be time friendly and also help in reducing traffic problems and pollution problem of the city. Delhi metro trains offer a comfortable journey. These trains run frequently and are always on time. If you miss one train, you need not worry. You can catch another one in just four minutes.

Trains in Delhi are just like the lines of the palm which connect to each other, predicting the future of Delhi. These trains of Delhi indeed predict the bright future of the capital city of India. With several more trains and many more routes coming up, Delhi is marching towards its successful future. So, are you getting ready to catch one of these trains in Delhi?