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Hazarat Nizamuddin

Hazarat Nizamuddin is said to be one of the prominent religious places. It is also noted as one of the best tourist attractions in Delhi. Going back in the past it was set up in the year 1562- 63 AD. It was the great Muhammad Tuglaq who is known to have constructed the same. If you are willing to visit Hazarat Nizamuddin you will find the style of architecture and get up very medieval. This is one of the famous mosques in Delhi and the religion that it’s dedicated to is Islam. On your visit you can see the several foreign visitors who keep on visiting the place from various parts of the world.

Hazarat Nizamuddin Accommodations

You need not worry at all with regards to the accommodations. You will get plenty of them in Delhi. There are several lodges, inns, hotels, and guest houses that you can choose from. Another advantage for travelers is that, Delhi is well connected to the other cities in India. You can reach Delhi by rail, road or flight.

Hazarat Nizamuddin

Hazarat Nizamuddin is known to enshrine the Hazarat Nizamuddim Auliya or the Nizam-ud-Din. This is a holy and religious Sufi saint. When the saint was living here there was settlement that was created here. It still remains where it was years ago and is known by the name of Nizamuddin.

The Hazrat Nizam-ud-Din Auliya Dargah located in Delhi is the one that is known to entomb Amir Khusrau. He was a famous poet and also a favorite disciple of the saint. The dargah was built by none other than the famous Muhammad Tughluq. This is said to possess the most pious pilgrimages for the Muslims.

There are other tombs that too are enshrined by the Hazrat Nizamuddin Awliya Dargah in Delhi are of Jahan Ara Begum, who is Shah Jahan’s daughter. Another prominent name in this category is Mirza Ghalib, who was a distinguished poet of his time.

Hazarat Nizamuddin Structure

It is extremely interesting to note the structure of the Dargah. It is surrounded by several tombs and is situated at the top of a bank. Post the initial construction the Dargah had undergone several layers of alterations. The present day structure is has been made by a man called Faridu'n Khan. This dates back to the year 1562 -63 AD. When you visit the dargah you will be able to listen to the Qawwali singers who perform there. This happens post the sunset and evening prayers.

Hazarat Nizamuddin Architecture

The architecture of the place is grand and swank. It seems a lot of hard work has gone in to make the dargah. Once you visit you will notice the arched gateways and the well co-ordinated verandahs. If you look up, you will find that the dome of the roof stripes of black marble in it. Several Muslims and the royalties are buried here. One can see the public rush here during the Urs and Id fairs which is held twice every year.