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India Gate

India Gate is a beautiful and huge gate which was built in honor of the Indian soldiers. This is a remarkable place which attracts millions of people which consist of local people and tourists from all over the World. India Gate is a gateway which welcomes you to discover the rest of Delhi.

Inception of India Gate:

The famous India Gate was built as a war memorial by Edwin Lutyens to pay respect to the 90,000 Indian soldiers who died in the North- West Frontier Operations, Afghan War and the World War I. This war memorial got completed in the year 1931 and had names of all these martyrs inscribed on its walls.

About India Gate:

The marvelous Delhi attraction, India Gate is 42 meters tall. It is adorned by beautiful gardens and fountains. The India Gate is surrounded by a circular road which leads to several diversions ahead. These diversions further continue into some of the important roads connecting other places.

After the Indian Independence, the India Gate also got the Amar Jawan Jyoti as another major war memorial. This Amar Jawan Jyoti consists of a shrine made of black marble. There is a rifle with a soldier’s cap that stands erect on the top of the black marble shrine, to pay homage to the martyrs of Indian Independence and the India Pakistan war. Ever since its construction, this memorial serves as a structure for paying homage to all warriors who lost their lives for India’s pride. Along with the shrine, there burns the flame, in the honor of these immortal warriors at the Amar Jawan Jyoti.

India Gate attractions:

Apart from being a remarkable place of national importance, the India Gate also attracts people with its environment. India Gate is filled with local people as well as tourists, who come to enjoy the parks and the gardens, which lie around the gate. With dusk, the India Gate is illuminated with several lights, making this place an absolute beauty.

You can enjoy the beauty of its surroundings, by camping or having a picnic at the India Gate. The night has a beautiful effect on this martyrs memorial, which glows and looks spectacular.

Hotels around India Gate:

Those who are thinking of lodging somewhere near this marvelous place in Delhi can do so too. Some of the best hotels near India Gate are:

Hotel Janpath
The Oberoi
Hotel Claridges
Hotel Imperial
Taj Mahal Hotel

India Gate is a must visit. This place tells about the stories of millions of people who laid their lives for Indian cause. The flame of Amar Jyoti salutes their valor again and again by burning continuously day after day. Come, visit this place and feel the Indian pride.