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Lotus Temple

There cannot be enough words to describe the beauty of the mesmerizing Lotus Temple. This is one of the most beautiful temples of the world. The Lotus Temple is also known as the Baha’i Temple.

The Lotus Temple or the Baha’ i Temple allows all the religions to worship this temple. It does not restrict any faith. The faith allows scriptures of Baha’ i and other religions to be read or chanted inside the temple. These religious texts can be sung as songs or in choirs too.

The Structure of Lotus Temple:

The Temple was built as per the Baha’i faith. It is inspired by the lotus temple and has 27 marble made petals arranged in three clusters with nine openings. The nine doors or openings of the Baha’ i Temple or Lotus Temple, leads to a central hall.

The Temple is built in the village of Bahapur in Delhi. It was conceptualized by an Iranian architect, named Fariborz Sahba.

Lotus Temple as a tourist spot:

The Temple is a beauty that you cannot miss. The exterior design of a lotus flower is a rare design. The white petals of this beautiful Lotus temple glows with the sun rays. The temple has a quiet atmosphere inside it. The central hall of the temple can hold a maximum of 2500 people. You can find the perfect place and ambience to meditate here.

The Lotus Temple has splendid interiors. There are nine pools inside the Lotus Temple. The temple does not allow pictures of any kind as per the Baha’i scripture rules, but there are quotes from the Baha’ i scriptures which are adorned on the petals.

Facts about Lotus Temple:

The Lotus Temple is the only Baha’ i Temple in whole of Asia. The Temple has won accolades like International Prestigious Award and the Masterpieces of 20th Century award.

A Tourist Spot:

The Lotus Temple is a favorite Tourist spot in Delhi. Nestled in the arms of South Delhi, this temple is a major tourist attraction of India. The Temple is built with sand, cement, marble and dolomite. After this Temple came into being, it has attracted over 50 million tourists to it.

The Bahai faith, which lies as an inspiration behind the Lotus Temple, emphasizes on the power of prayer in form of ‘Conversation with God’ or meditation. The temple too stands on these guidelines on the soil of Delhi.

The Lotus Temple looks splendid at night, when the colored lights illuminate this mesmerizing temple. This excellent Baha i Temple is indeed a must visit. It is a pride of Delhi which is sure to amaze you with its beauty.

Hotels around the Lotus Temple:

Staying close to the Lotus Temple is a great idea. Some of the hotels near the famous Lotus Temple are:

  • Hotel Glitter
  • The Muse Sarovar Portico
  • Royal Castle Hotel
  • Vikram Hotel
  • The Lalit

The Lotus Temple in Delhi is a place of tranquility and peace. It gives a relief to people who lead a stressful life. The temple is unlike the other temples of India, which have noisy atmosphere. The Lotus temple is a beauty in true sense which you can feel when you enter the glistening white marble temple. So, what are you waiting for?