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New Delhi Hotel Packages

New Delhi Hotel Packages offers best facilities to its tourists. There are different types of hotels in the capital city which includes budget hotels, luxury hotels and various other hotels which offers different packages. You can opt for the hotel packages during your trip which will make your travel tension free and need not worry for your accommodation.

Whether tourists or business travelers, New Delhi Hotel Packages are preferred by all and it will surely make your trip fun and exciting. You can visit various places of tourist attractions by putting up at these hotels. Whether you put up at luxury hotels, budget hotels, three star hotels, it offers some of the best facilities to the tourists. Some of the hotel packages are given below which you can opt for during your trip to Delhi.

Hotels in New Delhi

  • Radisson Hotel Delhi

Radisson Hotel offers some of the best New Delhi Hotel packages to tourists and business men. There are different types of package tours which you can avail during your trip. It is one of the five star hotels which offer all modern amenities to tourists.

There are separate packages available for corporate people, honeymoon couples and tourists. All the packages offer various facilities, like sightseeing tours, drop in pick facilities, complimentary food, various types of recreational, activities etc. For all the packages, there are different tariffs and for honeymoon couples, special arrangements are made and the rooms are also decorated in a cute manner.

  • The Oberoi Exotic

As the name suggest, the Oberoi Exotic is one of the other luxury hotels which offers different types of package options to the travelers. For business travelers they offer special facilities, apart from lodging like holding business meetings and conferences. Free breakfast is provided, along with drop in pick up for all the business clients and associates. Apart from that, various other travel packages which you can opt are given below:

  • Eight night package tour
  • Twelve night package tour
  • Ten night package tour

Hyatt Regency

One of the most preferred New Delhi Hotel Packages which is preferred both by the travelers and by business associates are the ones offered by Hyatt Regency. It is one of the palatial hotels which offer luxury accommodations and various other facilities including entertainment and recreational facilities. You can either opt for rooms or you can put at the luxury suites which offer some of the best facilities. It is located at a convenient location and is near from city center and other places of tourist attractions. The hotel packages which Hyatt offers also includes spa facilities and different other traditional massages, which are preferred by many people.