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Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Church in Delhi is said to be one of the most visited churches in India. People from various part of the country every year comes down to visit the church. It is well known for its services and mass programs. There are several eminent personalities who have been associated with the church. To name some of the few notable ones are Sir Henry Medd, Father Luke and Sir Edwin Lutyens. Over the years the Church has received several acclaim for its services that it bestowed upon mankind. We have presented for you a brief summary of the Sacred Heart Church.

Sacred Heart Church Structure

It is interesting to note the land and structure if the church. The total expanse is 14 acres of land. This is what forms the total cathedral ground. The entire land holding was acquired in the year 1920 for just an amount of Rs.7000. It also had a perpetual lease and had a yearly rental of Rs.365.

There are two prominent schools of Delhi that are situated on either side of the church. The names are Convent of Jesus and Mary, and the other one is Saint Columbia. The total construction of the church was completed in the year 1933-34. The decorations were donated by the rich, affluent and other influential people of that particular time.

Sacred Heart Church Members

Let us have a look at the main members of the church. These people have been instrumental in carrying out benevolent services to the society at large. Some of the names are given below:-

  • The Parish Priest is Fr Januario Rebello
  • Two of the Assistant Parish Priest are Fr Chetan Machado and Fr Prakash Gil

Sacred Heart Church Location

The Sacred Heart Church is situated near Gol Dak Khana. This would be on the main post office that is on Bhai Vir Singh Marg at Connaught Place.

Sacred Heart Church Architecture

If you visit the church you will notice that it has ample Italian influence in it. The series of white pillars that supports the canopy are beautifully designed. They are attractive to the sight. It’s their setting against the backdrop of dark brick background that creates the ethereal charm. You will find that the church has an entrance porch on each side. There are the circular shaped turrets that run straight above the roof. The interiors of the church are well furnished and managed. It rather looks lavish and grand with broad arches, the shining stone floors and towering curved roofs.

Sacred Heart Church Contributions

The church is known for its various contributions to the society. You can get the “Ordos” from the church. These are small books that contain about the liturgical sessions, feasts, daily readings, and the like. They are available at a nominal price of Rs.25 each.

The church also organizes “True life in God” prayer meetings that are attended by people. They are held on the second and fourth Saturday’s in the evening at the Clergy Home. The time would be 4:30 pm to 5:30pm.

These would be some of the salient features of the Sacred Heart Church in Delhi.