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If you are planning to set off for a pilgrimage tour and undecided about the place to visit, plan out a tour to Vrindavan. This place has been a favorite among people who love to visit the home of Lord Krishna. Vrindavan is dotted with many temples thereby attracting thousands of pilgrims every year.

Vrindavan derives its name from the word “Vrinda” the other name for Basil plant also known as tulsi in the local language. Tulsi is regarded as sacred by the Hindus. It is believed that the place was covered extensively with basil groves and this is why the place gets it name.

A tour to Vrindavan will take you to the birthplace of Lord Krishna. This place is also referred to as “Lila Bhumi”. This is the place where Lord Krishna indulged in Raslila with the milkmaids. There are many places you can visit when you undertake a tour to Vrindavan.

Tourists places in Vrindavan

Some of the places that you can tour around are as follows –

The Pagal Baba Temple

This is an 11 storey temple and was built by Pagal Baba. The temple exhibits contemporary architecture and the style is modern compared to other temples that have come up in the same region.

Pagal Baba breathed his last a couple of years ago but it is believed that his spirits still lingers on thereby acting as the driving force for all his disciples.

Rangaji Temple

The Rangaji Temple can be viewed closely if you undertake a tour to Vrindavan. The temple dates back to the year 1851. The architecture of the temple, gateway tower, and the Rajput Gate are some of the aspects that you cannot afford to miss out.

Isckon Temple

The ISCKON Temple is a must-see when you travel to Vrindavan. The architecture of the temple is impressive. The entire building is made of marble and there are exquisite carvings on the walls of the temple.

In addition to the places mentioned above, you can visit the following temples –

  • The Banke Bihari Temple

  • Jaipur Temple

  • Radha Vallabha Temple

  • Radharamana Temple

  • Madan Mohan Temple

  • Jugal Kishore Temple

  • Govinda Dev Temple etc

Best time to visit Vrindavan

The best time to plan a tour to Vrindavan is during the winter months. The ideal months are August and September.

Reaching Vrindavan

Vrindavan can be reached by air, rail and road. The nearest airport is in Agra. It is at a distance of 67 km from Vrindavan. Agra is well connected to Khajuraho, Delhi, Varanasi, and Mumbai etc.

If you want to tour to Vrindavan by rail, you can do so. There is a railway station in Vrindavan itself. The other major railway station is in Mathura. Express trains run between stations connecting people from one city to another.

The roadways is well developed and well connected. Bus services are easily available. And there is a direct link to Agra from Delhi by road. Shared tempos are other options of transportation.