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Travel Tips

Going to visit Delhi sometime soon? Then you must go through these travel tips for Delhi.

Knowledge is Power

Before visiting any place, it is very important to know a bit of this and that about it. As you must have heard, knowledge is power. And not having enough knowledge about the place you are going to visit can put you in a lot of trouble. When you are new to a place, you are in a vulnerable situation. And you must take care that your lack of knowledge does not put you into a sorry state.

Travel advice for Delhi

You may be visiting Delhi for any of these reasons

  • You are going on a vacation

  • You are going on a business trip

  • You are going to meet a loved one

  • You are going to settle in Delhi

Whatever your reason for visiting the city is, it is important that you keep these in advices in mind before you set out for Delhi.

Tips for traveling to Delhi

Remember these significant pieces of advice for traveling to Delhi.


Delhi experiences extreme temperatures during the summer and winter season. If you are going to the city during winter is advisable that you take heavy woolen clothes. Nights can be very chilly here. Take along light cotton clothes and shades for the summer months. It is good to be prepared beforehand, especially if you are unaccustomed to Indian weather.


If possible, try to learn a little Hindi before you visit the place. Lots of books are available on the internet. You can use these to pick up some common Hindi words like ‘Namaste’ (a common greeting) and ‘Shukriya’ (thank you). You can carry a Hindi phrase book along at all times for reference. This is one of the basic travel tips.

Take care of your cash

Delhi is one of the biggest Indian metros. It is also home to the Indian capital, New Delhi. It is one of the busiest commercial and industrial hubs. Add to that the huge number of historic places and you can see why it is a crowded place. Crowded places spell danger for the pocket. Hence you must

  • Avoid carrying too much cash with yourself.
  • Carry your wallet/money bag in an inner pocket.
  • Take along ATM cards instead of pure cash. ATM counters of major banks are now available in every corner of the city. Hence, carrying plastic money is a better option.

Be careful of your luggage

Delhi is a crowded place. The coming Commonwealth Games has made the city dearer for local and foreign visitors. So you must take special care of your luggage. Take a pre paid taxi service from the Delhi traffic Police Booth that operates from the airport. That way, you can have a safe journey. If possible, book your hotel room beforehand so that you do not get yourself into a bad accommodation. Lock your suitcases and hotel doors before you go out.

Never trust strangers

Delhi is full of historic places. Naturally, a large number of self-proclaimed guides and touts are on the loose here. Never trust these people. Their advices and guidance can land you in hot soup. If you require any information, seek help from the information counters at your hotel, airports or tourism offices.

Dress properly

Avoid wearing too casual or tight dresses and showing too much skin. Women are specially advised to wear full-sleeved clothes. Capris and mini-skirts are a no-no, if you are visiting old Delhi. Things are slightly okay in the relatively modern South Delhi.

Hope you found these travel tips for Delhi useful for your purpose. If you have a friend or a loved one who is going to Delhi soon, share these travel advices for Delhi with him/her.