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Delhi FM

FM is one of the new broadcasting medium which came into being a few years before. FM is a more popular mode of listening music as compared to other modes, as there is clarity of sound as compared to broadcast radio. Delhi FM is popular mostly among young crowds who love to hear music of different types and genres.


About Delhi FM

Delhi FM has been famous from the time of its inception. It is known as FM due to the band which is being used in radios and transistors. In fact FM’s have very high frequency and is one of the most preferred medium for listening music. During the time of its inception, it had only few channels, but now there are different Delhi FM channel, which caters to audiences of various classes. There are various Delhi FM channels some of which belongs to universities and other educational institutions.


Radio Stations in Delhi

There are many radio stations in Delhi. Some of them are all India radio stations, where others are owned privately. Previously radio was the only medium through which people were connected with the rest of the world. Before the advent of FM, all India radio aired programs which catered only to the rural audiences. Apart from that news was being aired which only catered to a small group of people.


Delhi FM brought in a sea of changes to the kind of program that is being aired and also the types of songs which are being aired. Mentioned below are names of few Delhi FM stations:


  • Radio City
  • Radio Mirchi
  • Red FM
  • Fever 104 FM
  • Radio Today (Meow)


The various Delhi FM channels play different types of music, which caters to a variety of audiences. It also provides important information regarding the day to day happenings and other aspects which are presented in a different manner as compared to the other radio stations. The way all the programs are presented has a very smart and catchy manner, which is much better as compared to the AM stations.


Radio Today (Meow)

Radio Today (Meow) is one of the other Delhi FM which is solely dedicated to all the female listeners. If you have a look at the kind of program that is being aired in this station, clearly shows that it is targeted towards the female audiences. You can come to know about the recent fashion trend, gossips, what happening and various other scoops which are very feminine. In fact the songs which are played also are sweet and melodious as compared to the songs which are being played by other radio stations.


Delhi FM Stations and Educational Institutes

There are some of the Delhi FM Stations which have tie ups with several educational institutes, who airs music of different types. Most of these FM channels cater music of different types. These channels are maintained and looked after by the students of the institutes and are a huge attraction to students. Mentioned below are names of few such Delhi FM stations:


  • JIMS Radio
  • Gyaan Vani
  • Apna Radio
  • HIT 95 FM
  • Radio Jamai
  • DU 90.4 FM