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Delhi TV Networks

A television network is used to communicate and distribute various television programs. A network is essential for distributing the various television contents and before globalization, which is before 1980, these were regulated and dominated by different small broadcasting networks. In fact before globalization, cable television was something which was unknown to people. It is only after globalization television network came into being. Previously Doordarshan aired different programs in the capital city and different other places, but after the advent of satellite television, Delhi TV Networks came into being, which airs programs of different kind. Some of television networks in Delhi are mentioned below.



AAJ TAK is one of the Delhi TV Networks located at Delhi. It has its head quarters at Delhi. It is basically a hindi news channel, which has its network in different places all over India. It is a live news channel which serves news to the Indian residents and keeps them up-to-dated all throughout the day. AAJ TAK is also known as TV Today Network Limited and is a network production of AAJ TAK. Apart from news, it also hosts various other talk show programs and debates.



BBC is also known as BBC Worldwide India Private Limited also has its head quarter at New Delhi. This is basically a British broadcasting television network, which is famous for news. In fact it is one of the best international news channels which provide news on various world affairs. Not only the programs, but the entire presentation of the channel is worth mentioning. If you wish to know about international destinations and news about the place, then you can have a look at BBC.



Among various Delhi TV Networks, CABLE NEWS INTERNATIONAL INC is another television network. This channel also aims at promoting news of its audiences. Before the advent of network television, news was very boring and monotonous. But after globalization and advent of satellite television, news also was presented in a complete different manner. News became more exciting and interesting. In fact news are major attraction to people, which serves both as entertainment and informative.


Zee Network

Zee Network is one of the other Delhi TV Networks which airs different types of programs, most of which are entertainment programs. Different kinds of programs are being aired, which is pretty famous among the audience in the national capital. Most of the programs have a modern outlook. The programs that are aired are designed keeping in mind about the type of audience it has. There are different time slots, on which various programs are aired, serving different types of audiences.



This is another entertainment television network which has its base at Delhi. This channel is an entertainment channel which mostly hosts shows which are based on bollywood and hindi music. B4U is one of the most preferred channels for all those who love bollywood and hindi music. You can come to know about different movies and you can also see different music videos. Among various Delhi TV networks, B4U is one such channel which is solely for entertainment purpose.



This channel is for all those people who love wildlife and adventure. Discovery communications Inc is a group of television network which airs different kinds of programs which is based on travel and programs related to such things. In fact it also airs program on safaris, travel, life style etc. This network is a completely different kind of television network which shows programs which are solely not for entertainment purpose, but has certain informational value also.


Apart from the ones mentioned above, some of the other Delhi TV networks are given below:

  • ETC Networks Ltd
  • ESPN Sports & Software India Pvt Ltd
  • HBO or Home Box Office
  • Star India Ltd