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Telephone help line numbers

Delhi is well known for its systematized and organized life style. It is a refine city that has people with classy tastes and preferences. If you have moved to Delhi or are a resident of the city, there are certain things that you need to keep handy. One of the things is maintaining a list of important contact numbers of services. Every city has got a “dial in” page for itself from where you can store these numbers in a separate place. Some of the important telephone help line numbers in Delhi are given below.


Delhi Telephone help line numbers

These numbers are of various departments that people need help for. Some of the department’s along with their names are shared below:-


Delhi Ambulance Telephone help line numbers

You never know when there is an emergency and need to call an ambulance to get a patient admitted. It might seem easy to gather their contacts. Searching the proper ones becomes a real life challenge. However, given are below are some o the numbers in this regards.


  • MP Heart Centre       6413436
  • GM Modi Hospital    6852112
  • Life Car AIIMS          6561123
  • National Heart Institute        6414156
  • Holy Angles Hospital            6143411
  • AIDS Diagnostic Centre        6436075
  • Anand Hospital         2224126
  • Delhi Psychiatry Centre        2214727


Delhi Airlines Telephone help lines numbers

Airlines are yet again another necessity in today’s world. Booking a flight over mail or mobile sure requires a lot of research. Let us go through some of the charges that mask got itself:-


  • Indian Air Lines
  • Departure       143
  • General Enquiry        140
  • Arrivals           142
  • Booking          141
  • Air India
  • General Enquiry        3731225
  • Sahara            5665357,5665234
  • Departure       145
  • Booking          146
  • Private Air Lines
  • Archana          6842001,6840158
  • General Enquiry        5565126
  • Jet Airways     5665405
  • NEPC 3317904
  • Modiluft         3712222
  • Arrivals           144


Electricity telephone help line members

This is yet one more important section that you must be aware of. Delhi has got several a businesses in the city that wee too have stay alert. It is true the power failure can result to problems. Some of the important numbers ate thus given below:-


Delhi Vidyut Board

  • IP Extn.      (Z-2503)  2721611
  • Preet Vihar     (Z-2502)         2249729 2046222
  • District Krishna Nagar
  • Laxmi Nagar  (Z-2501)         2242987 2046224


District Nand Nagri

  • (Z-2902)          2283619 2293962
  • Nand Nagri (Z-2901)            2293962 2283619
  • (Z-2903)          2283619 2293962


District Mayur Vihar

  • M.V.R.Ph.III (Z-2303)           2471136 2488009
  • M.V.R. Ph. I  (Z-2301)           2252084  2256355
  • M.V.R. Ph.II   (Z-2302)         2473257 2488008


District Jhilmil

  • J.L. M. Indl.  (Z-2203)           2283177 2127305
  • G. T. Road Shahadara  (Z-2203)      2284686 2127304
  • Jwala Nagar  (Z-2201)          2204577 2046219 2224206
  • Saini Enclave (Z-2201)          2151690 2169838


District Yamuna Vihar

  • Yamuna Vihar  (Z-2402)      2261239 2194113
  • Seelampur  (Z-2401) 2260386 2194115
  • Karawal Nagar  (Z-2403)     2269544 2194112


LPG Emergency telephone help line numbers

You can also dial these numbers for any kind of emergency contact required for the above mentioned purpose.


  • Chitra Gas Service     582214
  • Nihal Gas Agency     2477766 2472508
  • Sunny Gas Service    5455091
  • Ruchika Agencies      608273


These would be some of the essential and vital telephone help line numbers for Delhi that we should keep with us.